Three Great Benefits of Using Army Gear

You may have seen a few army surplus stores that sell all kinds of different army gear. However, you may be left wondering what the point of purchasing such items is for a citizen that is not part of the armed forces. In actuality, there are many reasons why purchasing army gear may be a smart idea.

1. Durability

Army gear is designed to survive extreme conditions. This includes severe weather and treacherous geography that ranges from freezing snowy landscapes to the blistering desserts of Afghanistan and Iraq. Army gear is also designed to survive enemy attacks. This includes gun fire, explosions and hand to hand combat.

Army gear is tough. For this reason, it can last longer in harsh conditions than anything designed for a different purpose. This includes military uniforms and clothing. It also includes military footwear, caps and hats. Such items are stronger and last longer than non-military items.

2. Utility

A lot of thought is put into the design of army gear. Not only is it designed to be durable, but it is also designed to maximize the utility soldiers get from such items. For example, an army backpack is designed to be both light weight and have maximum storage space. Companies that design backpacks for civilian use aren’t nearly as thoughtful.

This is also the case for army knives and swords. An army grade knife is of course designed for close combat with the enemy. However, the blade is also designed for practical uses beyond combat such as cutting other materials a soldier may need to slice through such as rope. A simple utility knife will certainly not be as strong or as multipurpose as an army knife.

3. Price

Another great reason to purchase army gear is the savings a person can receive. This is due to the fact that most items available to consumers are actually army surplus. This includes items that the army produced too much of or items that are now obsolete thanks to newer designs. This army gear is then sold to dealers at a discount to make up some of the costs that went into producing them.

For this reason, many items can be found at army surplus stores for much cheaper than then they would ever be sold from companies that do not produce them for the US army. One example would be night vision goggles. Night vision goggles for civilian use can cost thousands of dollars. However, the same technology that was actually used by the army can be purchased at a great discount from an army supply store. This is also the case for tactical gear, surveillance equipment and other items that are normally very expensive.

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